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Book Review by Crystal Clark Complementary Medicine Association

Sugar Dreams by Monica Colmsjo

Monica Colmsjo is a Clinical Nutritionist and educator working closely with addicts.

In Sugar Dreams Monica discusses how through a series of tragic events she became interested in, what she calls “the other deadly white powder. I found her research, conducted both here and in Europe to be thorough and fascinating.

Monica gives the reader an interesting overview on the chemistry of the different types of sugars and their metabolism. Explaing how blood sugar is kept in control by a whole team of hormones. There is only one hormone that lowers blood sugar – all the others raise it. We were not intended to consume a lot of sugar.

One interesting study titled intense sweetness surpasses cocaine reward by Lenoir. Et al; found refined sugar is far more addictive than cocaine. 94% of rats in this study, who could choose between sugar water and cocaine, chose sugar. Even rats who were addicted to cocaine switched to sugar when offered the choice.

Monica’s’ research led her to understand just how addictive this substance we call sugar is, and after reading this book I am taking a long hard look at my own diet.
This review can just give a taste (pardon the pun) of this informative book. Which I believe would be of interest to both practioners and their patients.

Hi Monica

I am currently reading your book and absolutely love it…how true it is.

Hope all is well, wow… you certainly made an impression on our clients, and they are all still talking about your talk and book so Thank You.

Donna Anderson
Physiqueology fitness solutions


Hi Monica,

Thank you for your fantastic book.
I’m loving it..
We have to get word out there, as my brother is an alcoholic and is now in jail because of his addiction to sugar and all the other evil substances that surround this habit.
My son sadly has the same addictions..

KYM Gold Coast


Dear Monica I have finished your book and it has the WOW factor!

Andrea Pelikan Nerang Qld


Dear Monica,
I purchased your book today at the Sanctuary and wow, what can I say!
I am almost finished as from the first page I was intrigued. After
finishing the sad story of your son, I began to realise that
everything you have put forward as well as other people’s stories
describe myself to a tee.
I am heading off on holiday next week and look forward to spending a
lot of time reading and researching this subject, the first step in a
long road of overcoming my addiction.
I am extremely grateful to have met you and feel very excited about
kicking this habit and feeling healthy again.
Kind regards,


Hi Monica,
I recently ordered your book after my life coach heard about your book a few weeks ago. I read it in one night.
2 months ago I went to the naturopath for leaky gut, but I also had Candida. After reading your book I realised I did have a sugar addiction. I’m pretty healthy and fit, but chocolate is one thing that I cannot shake. I am strong minded and have a strong self discipline, except for when it comes to chocolate!

It was very reassuring for me to know that it has nothing to do with will-power, but it is an addiction. The recommendations for groceries are very similar to the food list my naturopath gave me.

I’m now in the process of working through a plan to rid sugar. My husband and I have had plans to improve our eating habits and are currently building a vegetable garden at the moment, the book has really reinforced the issue to me and I realise we are on the right track.

As a school teacher, I see what food and preservatives do to kids. In fact, I’ve held a strong opinion for a while that children would perform better in school (and life) if the preservatives and additives were removed from their diet, along with sugar. I have a student who has ADHD and last year his mother took him off his medication and cleaned out his diet. It has made a big difference to his behaviour

Gold Coast 24/8/10


Just wanted to say thanks again for your fabulous book!

I’ve finished reading it and ordered another one from your website this morning for my father in Bundaberg, he started reading it when he was visiting and has asked for a copy.

Jean M Brisbane

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