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SugardreamsIs a Book About Our Escalating Sugar Consumption and Sugar Addiction and its relation to alcohol and drug abuse

Would you give your child a shot of cocaine or heroin? Most likely not. – Do you give your child sugar? Recent research shows that sugar is more addictive than cocaine!

Sugardreams explodes the myth that sugar is a harmless ingredient that we require in ever increasing amounts year after year.

The book is a nutritional approach to healing this addiction in the 21st Century.

Empower yourself with this approach, it has been proven to be both fast and effective and has been used by overseas psychologists and clinics since the 1980’s.

It shows us how to break our addiction to refined foods and restore our appetite for healthy foods, shedding unwanted weight as a bonus.

Most people don’t ever think of nutrition when they suffer from addiction or emotional disorders although nutrition has a profound effect on emotions and mood.

From Sugardreams you will gain an understanding on problems that in the past may have only been seen as psychological.

Sugardreams is filled with vivid personal stories, stories of struggle and of victory that we all can relate to. The author has even included her own moving story.

There is a test to find out if you are sugar sensitive and therefore more prone to addiction. It explains that sugar from an early age slowly builds a path to the pleasure centre in the brain that also makes it easier for nicotine, alcohol and other drugs to find their way there. This causes the brain chemistry to go drastically wrong.

Sugardreams shows how to use the healing nutrients, the building blocks of protein, the amazing amino acidsto achieve lasting physical and emotional health.

Healthy Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner menus and a shopping list to go with them are helpful inclusions in this remarkably informative book.

Sugardreams takes a holistic approach to healing addiction, as well as nutrition it discusses how meditation, heart coherence and physical exercise is needed to heal body mind and spirit.

The Message is:
Learn to Live in Sugar-Free Bliss,
It Not Only Changes Your Life – It May Possibly Save it!

Don’t try out new words, it’s not the time to.
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