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The Team ( Monica, Christie & Kelly Turner & Annette )
Christie & Kelly Turner

Our names are Christie and Kelly Turner and we are identical twins that create fine art and graphic design on the Gold Coast. Painting together, each artwork we produce is created through the combination of both our efforts. We challenge each other through mistakes. A mistake by one can be transformed into a master piece by the other.
Art has always been one of our favorite subjects. We paint/create for pure enjoyment; watching the canvas come to life and the evolution of our initial idea. By not limiting ourselves to a particular material we are able to experiment with a variety of mediums, though we do have our favourites.
We soak up our inspiration from nature; the nature of anything and everything, wherever the wind blows.
We have received numerous awards throughout our schooling: Certificate from the Education Minister’s Awards for Excellence in Art, Marymount College Academic Award for Visual Art yr 12 along with a Certificate of Merit for Rivers Art Award – ‘An award given to encourage a young artist who always strives to achieve the best possible result; a senior student who has consistently shown evidence of self motivation, creativity and, most importantly, enthusiasm.’
In 2008 we attended a graphic gesign course where we received a Diploma of Printing & Graphic Art, including a Student of the Year Award – ‘for excellence in all aspects of the course and achieving the highest grades.’
Over the past couple of years we have been providing works for both private buyers and businesses. In the near future we plan to travel and paint – painting in every scene, surrounded by nature. We would also like to do further study expanding on our skills and developing as artists.
Everything fascinates us and our art is a mere expression of this.

“one mind two bodies”

Since starting at sipa, she interned at a united nations-related organization where she organized a conference on the post-2015 agenda for sustainability and innovation issues.
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