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Sugardreams… waking up to the bitter reality is the culmination of a long and sometimes painful process. I started writing the book a few months after my eldest son passed away. I wanted to share some of my pain and also some of my joyful awakenings.

I believe there is not enough information and education about the role of nutrition in so many of our modern diseases and addictions, whether it is diabetes, obesity, ADD, ADHD or full on addiction to food or any other mood-altering substance.

  • Is sugar more addictive than cocaine?
  • Learn HOW to drug-proof your child and escape the obesity, diabetes and ADD trap
  • Spot the hidden sugar
  • TEST yourself and find out if You are sugar sensitive
  • Free Yourself from Sugar Cravings for good
  • Full of vivid real life personal stories, stories of struggle and of victory that we all can relate to
  • Learn how to use the amazing amino acids to achieve optimum physical and emotional health
  • Easy Healthy Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner menus


The foreword by Michael Rowland will give you an idea about the content of my book, my wish is that you read it with open minded scepticism, open enough to take it in and sceptic enough to try it out!

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